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product pack

We know the ideal photo pack for your website. Now, you can get all the photos and videos you need for the perfect e-commerce product page, at the same place, with one per product price.

About us

At STOODIO we believe in work that speaks for itself. Our Photos are done fast, they are easy to use, consistent and affordable for brands of any size. We have been happily operating in Helsinki since 2016 and have served nearly 200 companies. Our large and modern studio in Lauttasaari has all the needed equipment, space, tools and skills to offer the best product photos and videos to our clients.


HORIZONTAL photos are a fast and easy way to create professional, well-lit and really consistent content for all your needs. Horizontal gives the appearance that the product is floating. Perfect for junior clothing, independent products, any lay-flat images and collages / knolling photos.  Images come with pixel-perfect background removal, so they are ready to use in any situation.


VERTICAL photos are mostly taken on Invisible Mannequin or styled on a hanger. StyleShoots removes the background automatically, so the photos are really versatile to use in Web shops, Prints or in any social media channels you want. These photos really show clothes at their best.


LIVE photos and videos are the best when you need to see your product in action; how it sits and moves on the Model. Whether it is still photos or catwalk clips, your product will look flawless in this perfectly lit space. Add a background during the shoot or in postproduction. The possibilities are endless.

Are you looking to improve your web shop?

Here at Stoodio we have learned a thing or two about web shops, and how there is no one answer for every customer. That’s why we have launched Stoodio LAB.  We use the latest eye-tracking technology with tailored test groups and mission specific tests to find your site’s strengths and weaknesses. Then we provide you with a comprehensive plan to improve your site.

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