A Small Team Having Lots of Fun

We are a Team of Seven professionals, and we all work with passion to improve the product photos and videos for our clients. At STOODIO we have all the latest technical equipment, skills, and experience to deliver what we promise. Our top priority is always to make our customers happy because that makes us happy.


Managing Director
+358 40 8305650

Richard has more than 25 years experience in project management around the World. In addition to the CEO stuff, he runs all the technical operations, operates the Live-machine and also does retouching… also, he has a passion for Rugby and Cricket.


Head of Sales
+358 50 5423464

Heka has 30+ years experience in Sales. He has been responsible for product photos both as a provider, and as a Customer. So he should know how you think when you need photos. Heka plays golf… yep, in his dreams.


Head of Styling

Riitta has 30+ years experience in styling. She has been working with the top Men’s Fashion retail shops in Helsinki. She also has all the needed spare parts for our mannequins, so we always find the best fit for your clothes. Riitta wishes, that she would still live in the 1950s when Elvis was young, and cars were the best.


Retouching and Photography

Harsha is our photographer and is specialized in small and tricky objects. He also does retouching and is the editing guru to our Live-videos. When he is not photographing stuff he is out riding on his motorbike.



Essi is a stylist in our company, and she also brings the modern world to STOODIO. She has worked as a visual merchandiser for many international fashion brands and know all the latest trends.


Retoucher, Stylist and Model

Anastasia, Ana for short, is a photo and video editor, photoshoot stylist and helps out with modeling on our Live machine. In her spare time Ana paints, draws and creates videos – basically she is a creative soul.


Retouching and Styling

Ankita is a retouching specialist and stylist. She has worked in textile design, product shoots and photo-editing in India and in Finland. An avid food and travel enthusiast, she loves making textile prints and paper crafts.

Our Story & Experience

STOODIO was established in 2016 when we noticed that there was a gap in the market for e-commerce photos. Companies need photos to be taken fast with an easy process, and a final product that is consistent across all photos while being affordable to all.

We found StyleShoots, a professional automated photo-concept, which helped us to fulfill the dream to open our studio. Now we can serve our customers exactly in the way they need; Fast, Easy, Consistent and Economical. Since then, we have had a pleasure to work with nearly 200 companies.

So here we are, at your service!

Our Happy Customers