Where are your clients looking and why that’s important?

Finding out where your customers are looking is the next phase for increasing your profitability.  Click maps and analytics can only go so far and using that information to improve your site is a guessing game.

But what if you could see exactly where your customer was looking and what they do, and don’t, notice about your products and sites design?

We create specific tests tailored to your needs and form a volunteer test group made up of your target demographic. We then run the tests we designed to measure the functionality of your website’s photos,  and design is performing the best it possibly can.

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Gaze Tracking

Gaze tracking allows you to see where your customer is looking.  By creating some simple tests we can gather data to determine the best choice of photos, ideal placement of the images and content and if your website layout is best serving your sales goals.

Heat Mapping

Ensure that your Customers are looking where you want them to look with heat mapping.  Prevent visual distractions caused by poor site design, typos or the wrong media. Test how to get them to look where you want them to look, and to buy more often.

UI Testing

Check that your web site is optimized towards your Customers. Can they find your contact details, shipping policies, and products quickly? Are there any hiccups in your purchase process? Eye tracking testing can improve your site’s functionality at any stage of your efforts.

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How does the testing work?

We find out the answers to questions you have by testing with groups, handpicked to match your demographics. We analyse where they are looking and how they are reacting to your pages. After the subjects have done the test we then interview them on why they reacted as they did and combine this information with the eye tracking data to deliver a comprehensive report to you.

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