Finland’s first automated
photographic studio

We can create your product photos in very short time to a
high quality at a reasonable cost

Product, Fashion, E-commerce Photography Under One Roof

We optimise the product photos for web shops, e-commerce and in catalogues and look books. We can make the images available with transparent backgrounds and/or with background colours or pictures.

STOODIO is a photographic studio in the fashionable Telakkaranta area of Helsinki. Our home is a 180m2 redeveloped old shipyard workshop right next to the harbour.

You are welcome to visit our photographic studio to discuss your requirements or just to have a coffee and a chat.

We are a happy team of professionals who work hard to create attractive and consistent photos at a good price level and quickly. We can cover all you product photo needs as among our team we have many years of photographic, retouching, styling and business process skills. At Stoodio we can speak Finnish, English and Swedish fluently.

"Stoodio Oy on täyttänyt tehtävänsä [...] todella asiallisesti. Me voimme nykyisin luottaa siihen, että tuotekuvamme ovat aina yhtä hyviä ja laadukkaita kuin tuotteemme.  StyleShoots -laitteet ovat loistava tapa kuvata tehokkaasti tuotteitamme ja yhteistyössä Stoodion kanssa olemme saaneet myös huomattavasti leikattua verkkokaupan tuotekuvaamisen kustannuksia."  

Jani Fagerroos - Makia Clothing Oy
Webstore Manager

"Stoodio Oy:n etuja on kuvaamisen helppous ja nopeus. Me toimitamme heille uudet tuotteet ja Stoodio toimittaa meille syvätyt ja viimeistellyt verkkokauppavalmiit kuvat muutamassa tunnissa. Näin me saamme uutuudet verkkokauppaan nopeasti ja ostajat pääsevät niitä heti ostamaan. Yhteistyö Stoodion kanssa on toiminut saumattomasti ja voimme heitä lämpimästi suositella."

Sini Gustaffson, Vimmacompany Oy
Photographer and Store Manager

"Meille korkeatasoiset tuotekuvat ovat  tärkeä osa brandiamme ja niiden avulla välitämme haluamamme viestin kuluttajille. StoodioOy on mainio palvelu, jota me hyödynnämme niin verkkokauppa-, lookbook- kuin detaljikuvissamme. Stoodio on nopea, joustava ja hauska yhteistyökumppani." 

Toni Tervilä, Formal Friday Oy 

Our process

Our processes cover all the stages required to produce top quality product images:

  • Preparation of the clothing: steaming, ironing and hanging to ensure that the clothing is ready for the photography

  • Selection of photo types: flat lay, invisible mannequin, gravity style, podium or conventional

  • Styling of the product: based on your requirements, relaxed or formal with focus on the details (zips, pockets, buttons, cuffs, elbows, laces etc)

  • Photo portfolios: from ‘Front only’ shots to ‘Front, Back and Detail’ to ‘Top’ and ‘45°’ shots.

  • Photographing: We use the Styleshoots system, which is the latest technology automated product photography system. Many of the world’s most famous Brands and retailers are using Styleshoots.

  • Naming: we can manually name the photos, or with sequential numbering, or time and date or straight from your bar codes. We use our own QR labelling system, ensuring a faster naming process on larger jobs.

  • Retouching: using Photoshop we ensure the images are clean and professional and that the products are shown to their best. We can add shadows, borders and backgrounds if needed, as well as recolouring/ patterning when you do not have samples.

  • Resizing and file types: you can have the images in PNG, JPG, TIFF and psd file types, and in whatever sizes you need for your web store or other needs.

  • Sharing: you can get your photos either on USB memory stick or via Dropbox.

  • Saving: we keep safe copies of both the finished images and the original photos. So even if you misplace them we can retrieve them for you.

What we do

We offer two different photographic services:

  1. RENT STOODIO – you rent our machines for 5 hour sessions. You can use your own stylists or our stylists.
  2. PHOTOS – we take your photos to your specifications. Just leave it to us.

When you first rent our machines we give you a short training course – usually you will master the system after around 10-15 minutes.

We can create your product photos in very short time to a high quality at a reasonable cost. This enables you to get your photos quickly onto your web shop and into your look books and catalogues. This helps you to grow your sales quickly and efficiently.

Welcome to our photographic studio!